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Our Own Deep and Personal Thoughts

Well, now that you have reached the final section of our homepage, it's time to learn how we really felt about "Diamond as Big as the Ritz." To tell you the truth, we loved it! It was a very well written story, and we found that Fitzgerald has a really unique and intriging writing style. He utilizes symbolism well, and his allusions were really effective. Our personal favorite was the allusion to Midas, as it was effective in foreshadowing the end of the novel, and it also helped to characterize Percy and the other Washingtons. Overall, we just really enjoyed reading the story and looking in depth at Fitzgerald's literary techniques. And, for an added perk, the story can be read within a night! (That's quite an unusual feature for an AP English reading assignment!) So, that's all we have to say, and we hope that you find "Diamond as Big as the Ritz" as enjoyable as we did. Have a nice year, and good luck on the AP test!

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